The project – 30 years of experience serving excellence and consistency

Opening a school is no coincidence and such projects imply a significant responsibility. Not only because parents entrust to us what is most precious to them, but also because we challenge ourselves with supporting the beings who will be in charge of the world tomorrow. Children are our future, and it is well aware of the great importance of this mission that we are serving education.

Thirty years of experience, a family adventure, and, above all an expertise continually refined, based on the observation of the students from our different schools.

A pedagogical project should not be defined randomly but honed with coherence, in order to achieve the right balance between respecting the Montessori method and facing modern challenges. 

You are seeking a school where your kids will be free to progress at their own pace ? A place where excellence rhymes with gentleness, joy and goodwill ? Where learning English in a bilingual environment is an evidence ? Where self confidence and cooperation are basic skills ? Where rigor means giving continued attention to children ? Then it is time to join us and introduce us your delightful children.

The team :

Alexandre d'Esclaibes True Montessori kid from kindergarten to Baccalaureate year, Alexandre did not settle for being the son of the renowned Sylvie d'Esclaibes, inescapable player in the world of Montessori pedagogy. Wishing to live his passion out, he co-founded the Learn Montessori training institution and created his own school in Marseille. It is with a rather fierce willingness to link the Montessori tradition to educational innovations that Alexandre went for this new structure, inspired by both his personal and professional experience. After a few years spent as a Montessori educator, he knows the programs by heart, although he admits having a little preference for sciences !

Marie Robert – Philosophy teacher at the Lycée International Athéna Montessori, pedagogical director at the Montessori Esclaibes School in Marseille and successful writer translated worldwide thanks to her book WHEN YOU KANT FIGURE IT OUT, ASK A PHILOSOPHER, it is Marie's strong passion for teenagers which has incited her to reflect upon younger ones. As she noticed many teenagers were suffering because of a low self-confidence as well as rather flawed relationships with adults, her daily ambition is to prepare the younger ones' future by making them acquire and master all the tools to face life's challenges peacefully. Legend has it she prefers philosophy classes to maths !
If you want more informations about Marie, you can read both articles in french newspapers : Le Figaro and Liberation

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